able of Contents Volume 24 issue 3

Cast your bread upon the water
Yocheved‭ (‬Yochy‭) ‬Laufer‭ ‬BSc, DSc‭ ‬
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The 20th annual conference of The Israeli Physiotherapy Society: Conference abstracts,
and participants’ feedback
Editor: Yocheved (Yochy) Laufer Bsc, DSc 
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Research Article 
Developing a tool for success factors in physical therapy clinical studies - Expert validation
and the student’s perception
Hammam Atrash MScPT, Michal Katz-Leurer PT, MPH, PhD, Gila Shahar PT, MA, PhD 
Community Project
Introducing a Novel Treatment Approach in a Special Education School to Encourage
Active Participation: A community project 
Hila Zorea, BPT, MScPT, Michal Elboim-Gabyzon, BPT, PhD  ,  
Abstracts from the literature‭ ‬
Editor: Smadar Peleg‭ ‬BPT‭, ‬PhD‭ ‬‭
Position statements
Treatment of the dizzy patient - position paper
Yoav Gimmon PT Ph.D
Measurement and Assessment Scales
The 'Two Minute Step Test' - A tool for testing aerobic capacity and functional fitness
Michal Elboim-Gabyzon, BPT, Ph.D, Netanel Levi BSc, DPT‭.
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Ethical Dilema
Treating a terrorist - Struggling with moral distress
‭ ‬Zahava Davidow, BPT, MA, Rotem Fuchsman, BPT, Adi Tamir, BPT , Liron Michaeli, BPT

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