Table of Contents Volume 24 issue 1


An Up-To-Date Paradigm for Examining the Use of Electrical Stimulation in Physical Therapy

Prof. Shmuel Springer BPT, Ph.D

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Education in Physical Therapy

Experiential learning: The implementation of simulations in an interpersonal communications course

with reference to staff and student training

Smadar Peleg PT, PhD, Michal Aharonowiz PT, PhD, Orna Divon-Ophir CNM, MA,

Lilach Lotan PT, MSc, Liat Pesach-Gelblum MBA, Ola Jahashan-Douchi PT, MA,  Leemor Bogin BSW, MHM,

Shani Lev PT, MSc, Doron Sagi MA, Ruth Pelleg-Kallevag  PT, MSc
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A project in the community

An intervention program for preterm infants and their parents: The transition from hospitalization in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to community care

Hagit Lustigman PT, MSc, Meir Lotan PT, PhD
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A Professional Overview

Development of guidelines for physical therapists treating women post breast cancer surgery,

and the formulation of updated instructions for patients: A project description

Tamar Jacob PT, MPH, PhD, Jillian Bracha MScPT, CLT, CSCI, Ruth Peleg MScPT, CLT, CSCI,

Helena Silman Cohen DPT, CLT-LANA
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Abstracts from the literature

Editor: Smadar Peleg BPT, PhD

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Position statements

Pediatric Physical Therapy

The steering committee of the Israeli Special Interest Group in Pediatrics

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Measurement and Assessment Scales

Sunnybrook Facial Grading System, House-Brackman Scale and the Facial Clinimetric Evaluation

(FaCE instrument): Measurement tools to assess severity of facial nerve palsy

Ofra Netzer BPT, Ph.D , Michal Elboim-Gabyzon BPT, Ph.D

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Ethical Dilema

A case report: To give or not to give, that is the question!

Shany Paula Tsury BPT 
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