Table of Contents Volume 23 issue 2

Summary of physical therapists' views regarding proposed specialization framework
Prof. (Emeritus) Yocheved (Yochy) Laufer, D.Sc
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A Professional Overview
Direct access to physical therapy in the community - preferred model of care
Ayala Parag, PT, MPA, Noa Ben Ami, BPT, Ph.D. 
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Community Project
Academia-community partnership: An academic physical therapy course promoting health
within the community
Badera Naamneh-Abuelhija BPT, MPH
Research Article
Examining body image and illness representations among persons with lymphedema -
observational study
Dvora Deddy, BPT, PhD, Perla Werner, Ph.D
Position Statements
Pelvic floor treatment: Practical ethics for physical therapists
Noit Inbar BPT, PhD, Yaron Tilinger BPT, MA ‭ 
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Measurement and Assessment Scales
The NECPAL CCOMS-ICO©: A tool to Identify individuals in need of palliative care
Anat Woldman BPT, MSc, Michal Elboim-Gabyzon BPT, Ph.D 
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Abstracts from the Literature
Editor: Smadar Peleg‭ ‬BPT‭, ‬PhD‭
Ethical Dilemma
Reader's views regarding the cases: To report or not to report that is the question
Zahava‭ ‬Davidow‭, ‬BPT‭, ‬MA‭

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