Table of Contents Volume 23 issue 1

The significance of case reports
Yocheved‭ (‬Yochy‭) ‬Laufer‭ ‬D.Sc‭

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A Professional Overview
Framework for specialization in physical therapy
Ayala Parag BPT, MPA, Smadar Peleg BPT, Ph.D

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Literature Review
Standards of the physical therapy role in the NICU: Reviewing official sources in the
western world and in Israel 
Daphna Kedar BPT, M.Sc, Osnat Atun-Einy BPT, PhD

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Incontinence in children with an autism spectrum disorder: A literature review
Liat Zivan Becher BPT, Leonid Kalichman BPT, Ph.D, Lea Tene BPT, MA

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Position statements
he role of physical therapy in low-back-pain
Noa Ben-Ami BPT, PhD

Physical activity in physical therapy
Ran Regev-Falach BPT, MHA, Michal Azmon BPT, PhD

Fall prevention
Anat Shashua, BPT, Ph.D

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Measurement and Assessment Scales‭ ‬
Anterior Cruciate Ligament-Return to Sport after Injury (ACL-RSI) scale
Michal Elboim-Gabyzon BPT, Ph.D, Liran Lifshitz BPT, MSc 

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Abstracts from the literature‭ ‬
Editor: Smadar Peleg‭ ‬BPT‭, ‬PhD‭

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Ethical Dilemma‭ ‬
To report or not to report, that Is the question
Zahava‭ ‬Davidow‭, ‬BPT‭, ‬MA

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