Table of Contents Volume 22 issue 3

The significance of case reports
Yocheved‭ (‬Yochy‭) ‬Laufer‭ ‬D.Sc‭

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Literature Review
Systematic literature review: Guidelines and methodological principles
Amy Lauren Shapira, BPT, MA, Ronit Marco BSc, MA 
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A project in the community
A feasible group aerobic training program for patients at the chronic phase post-stroke
Galia Kopels-Baitner BPT, M.Sc, Einat Kodesh BPT, PhD, Michal Kafri BPT, PhD
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Research Article

Evaluation of sexual function in women who suffer from dyspareunia: Translation and validation
of the Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI) to Hebrew
Sharon Slotkin BPT, M.Sc, Irit Weissman-Fogel BPT, PhD, Avi Tsafrir MD, Michal Granot B.S.N, PhD,
Ahinoam Lev-Sagie MD
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Physiotherapy students maintain a healthier lifestyle than other students in the Faculty
of Health Sciences
- Cross-sectional Survey
Asaf Stern, BPT, Itzhak Zach Cohen, BPT, Noa Ben Ami, PT, PhD
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Measurement and Assessment Scales‭ ‬
Falls Risk for Older People in the Community (FROP-Com) Screen questionnaire
Michal Elboim-Gabyzon, BPT, Ph.D ‭

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Abstracts from the literature‭ ‬
Editor: Smadar Peleg‭ ‬BPT‭, ‬PhD‭

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Ethical Dilemma‭ ‬
Does the goal justify the means?
Zahava‭ ‬Davidow‭, ‬BPT‭, ‬MA‭, ‬Nizan Etkin‭, ‬BPT‭, ‬Eden Apter‭, ‬BPT
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