Table of Contents Volume 21 issue 2

Prof. Yocheved (Yochy) Laufer

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Research Article
Prevalence and risk factors associated with low back pain among physiotherapy students at Ariel University
Noga Zlotnick, Tzipora Tchiya Yurman, Noa Ben Ami
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‭Successful aging, physical function and frequency of physical activity among former elite athletes versus the general population
Rachel Heimer, Eli Carmeli

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A Personal Point of View

Impression from the International Conference: WCPT, GENEVA, 2019

Dr. Hadas Ofek

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Abstracts from International Conference: WCPT, GENEVA, 2019

Editors: Dr. hadas Ofek, Prof. Yocheved (Yochy) Laufer

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Literature Review
Do the effects of Karate training on the motor, cognitive and psychosocial wellbeing of typical children provide a rationale for implementing Karate training to treat children with Developmental Coordination Disorder: A systematic review

Carmel Levi, Dr. Michal Elboim-Gabyzon

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Measurment and Assessment Scales

Physical Frailty Phenotype Syndrome Detection Scales 
Dr‭. ‬Michal Katz-Leurer‭‬‭

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Abstracts from the literafure

Editor: Dr. Michal Aharonowiz

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Ethical Dilemma 

With all due respect

Mrs. Zehava Davfidow

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Statistical Consulting‭‬
Regression as a clinical decision making process in our daily routine

Dr‭. ‬Michal Katz-Leurer‭‬‭

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