Table of Contents Volume 21 issue 1

Dr. Orit Elion‭


Research Article
The time-course characteristics of learning a lower extremity voluntary task
Orit Elion, Zohar Gov, Rinat Shamay
תקציר אנגלית - English abstract‭

‭Urinary incontinence and awareness of pelvic floor muscles training among physiotherapy
students - a cross sectional survey
Areej Qadan, Noa Ben Ami

תקציר אנגלית - English abstract


Literature Review
The effect of Nordic walking on Parkinson's patients’ functioning, mobility, and balance
Ariella Yosef Hay, Daniel Moran, Noa Ben Ami
תקציר אנגלית - English abstract


Physical therapy treatment of pelvic floor over activity disorders: A systematic review
Lorin Abdian, Rachel Kafri
תקציר אנגלית - English abstract 


Statistical Consulting‭‬
Think, listen, and agree separately and together - the Delphi approach
Dr‭. ‬Michal Katz-Leurer‭‬‭


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