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Tamar Jacob

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Research Article
The Effect of CrossFit Training on Explosive Power, Endurance, Balance Control during Walking, Functional Movements, Quality of Life and Incidence of Injury among CrossFit Trainees - An observational pilot study

Hila Noga Perry, Chen Rozenberg Stuart, Yoav Gimmon

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Teaching Physiotherapy

Use of human simulations for teaching communication skills in a multidisciplinary team

Badera Naamneh-Abuelhija, Zahava Davidow, Shira Rotchild

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Literature Review

Motor Recommended exercise for Diastasis Recti among women after childbirth - Literature review
Efrat Sompolinsky, Braha Tabi, Rachel Kafri, Daniel Moran, Noa Ben Ami

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Coccydenia-  A Systematic Review of the Treatment of the Pathology

Zehavit Haas, Rachel Kafri

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Statistical Consulting‭
"Archie“ Cochrane comes to rehabilitation
Dr‭. ‬Michal Katz-Leurer‭

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