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Jillian‭ ‬Bracha

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Research Article
Risk reduction for side effects after breast cancer treatments - A pilot qualitative study of
physical therapists’ perception of strengths and weaknesses of Israeli health services
Tamar Jacob, Jillian Bracha

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The effect of Watsu treatments on pain indices and on the quality of sleep in women
diagnosed as fibromyalgia patients
Chen Orly, Grabarnick Anna, Pilz-Burstein Rutie‭

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Point of View
Arab women’s response to early breast-cancer-detection tests in Arab countries and in
Israel - Opinion article
Daniel S. Moran and Seham Abo Abaed

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A Case Study‭
Multi-disciplinary treatment of a patient with Functional Neurological Symptoms
Disorder hospitalized at a rehabilitation center - A case study
Anat Simon Florentin, Kfir Fingerman‭

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Teaching Physiotherapy‭
Use of simulations in teaching physiotherapy - A case description
Noa Ben Ami, Galit Cremisi, Michal Azmon‭

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Statistical Consulting‭
Who knows and who knows-how‭... ‬or‭ .. ‬The importance of precise execution of a test
Dr‭. ‬Michal Katz-Leurer‭

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