Table of Contents Volume 19 issue 1

Dr‭. ‬Rachel Kafri‭‬

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Literature review
Female soldiers in combat positions
Lital Skoop-Golan, Esti Danus,Tamar Jacob‭‬

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Principles of the Pilates method and its effect on low back pain, pelvic floor function
and posture: A systematic review of the literature
Naama Mizrachi, Rachel Kafri‭

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Mindfulness training for stress reduction and performance enhancement in military population
Uri Gottlieb, Uria Moran, Daniel S.Moran‭‬‭

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Clinical Report
Standardization of clinical training process in physiotherapy in Clalit - The first step towards improvement of clinical instruction and instructors’ satisfaction
Goni Meron, Igal Levran

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Special Issue
The mechanism of muscle retention
Eli Carmeli

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Statistical Consulting‭‬
What is stastistical power
Dr‭. ‬Michal Katz-Leurer‭

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