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Yocheved (Yochy) Laufer BSc, DSc
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A professional overview

Feeding preterm babies in a semi-elevated side-lying position

Galia Aviram BPT, Yocheved Laufer, D.Sc

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Research Article

An injured football player is like a bird that can’t fly: Identifying facilitators and challenges

in a professional football team for an injury prevention program

Maayan Bresler BPT, MSc, Evert VerhagenPhD
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Abstracts from The Literature
   Editor: Smadar Peleg BPT,PhD 

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Position Statements

ppropriate advertising and marketing of physiotherapy services

 Noit Inbar BPT, PhD, Yaron Tilinger BPT, MA
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Measurement and Assessment Scales

Evaluating knowledge, skills, and attitudes of medical staff toward the LGBT community

Roei Klein, BPT, Michal Elboim-Gabyzon, BPT, Ph.D
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Ethical Dilema

When airing grievances crosses the line

Lihi Tzur Dovrat, BPT, MHA
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