10-1 Case reports: need, justification and guidelines

Case reports: need, justification and guidelines
Tamar Jacob. PT, MPH, PhD





The importance of case reports in the medical literature has risen in recent years from the bottom of the evidence hierarchy to being a regular section in many medical journals. Case reports can focus on any aspect of physical therapy that has not already been described well in the professional literature. They serve as a unique way of professional communication between clinicians by providing a detailed description of the physical therapist / patient management process. It is suggested to implement the ICF model in the description of the patient's history, physical examination, interventions and outcomes. Every physical therapist should be able to write a publishable case report.
This article will discuss the contribution of case reports to existing knowledge and will describe the guidelines for writing a case report as

published in the Physical Therapy journal.


Key works: Scientific writing, guidelines, physical therapy, case study, International Classification of Function and Health (ICF).



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